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Our purpose is to restore hope, passion, dreams and to ignite vision back into the heart of many through prayer, book tours and retreats. We exist to compel all to hold on because pain ends.

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"It’s time to walk in your own authentic self, unapologetically"!
                                                                                                   -Dr. Carrie Carter, Author

About the Founder

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Dr. Carrie Carter is Compassionate, Charismatic and Caring. Being a wife and mother is her heartbeat and priority. She is a Pastor that gives her all to reaching those that are hurt, dismayed and disheartened. Her aspiration is to enrich the lives of others through prayer, biblical impartation and mentorship. Dr. Carter has committed her life to going the distance for others by making the necessary sacrifices and sharing her life experience. Her life is a testament of advancing through adversity by putting God first and walking by faith.


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